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Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Blower Review

Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet Dry BlowerThe CRAFTSMAN is a well-known organization in manufacturing the top-quality products and this Craftsman XSP Wet/Dry Vacuum is another great contender of its lineup.

This unit is XSP along with 6.5 Peak Horsepower that gives a robust performance in both vacuuming and blowing.

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Craftsman XSP 16 Gallon Review

Features and Performance:

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  • The best thing is the 16-gallon capacity which makes it much more reliable for cleaning the entire house without emptying the container again and again. The top lid is quite easy to open, and when you open it up, you’ll immediately notice a huge pod filter attached to the bottom. There’s a wing nut that holds the filter in its place.
  • Inside the container, you’ll get an instruction manual that is very easy to read. The 5-feet hose length is pretty reliable to give moderate mobility for small or medium-sized houses, but if you own a large size house, then do not go for this product.
  • Furthermore, there’s a thin attachment included in the box that somewhat adds another foot in the reach of the hose. Similarly, other attachments are a vacuum-style head attachment that fits to the end of the hose—quite helpful while cleaning the hardwood floor, a sock that goes over the filter, and another wiper-like attachment that is somewhat called a squeegee attachment for cleaning the wet messes.
  • The overall housing sits on the four caster wheels to give better mobility. The wheels are sturdy and well made, and also give you the ease of moving the unit around the house with ease.
  • Unlike other top-quality models this one contains a drain—which means after cleaning the wet messes you don’t need to empty the container by yourself, the drain will take of it on its own, all you have to do is to unscrew the drain.
  • The 16-gallon capacity means you can suck 16 gallons of water and other debris. The one gallon is roughly 8.1 pounds and 16 gallons are roughly 120 pounds—and moving with this amount of water could be a nightmare for anyone. Click here, If you are interested in reading a detailed buyer guide on Best Shop-Vac.
  • With the 6.5 Peak HP motor, you’ll get a robust performance, the overall design is not good in terms of noise diffusion. Yes, of course, the operation is noisy, but it’ll get the job done doesn’t matter what it is.


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  • 16-gallon capacity is quite reliable
  • Powerful motor
  • Good for both blowing and vacuuming
  • Caster wheel for easier manoeuvring



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  • Noisy in operation


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[su_note note_color=”#e2f0fc”]This Craftsman XSP Wet/Dry Vacuum is a great product in every manner. It has a powerful motor and large container capacity, but one thing where it lacks is noise diffusion. Overall, the machine is reliable and very affordable in price.[/su_note]