How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Dyson vacuum? (And 6 Reasons Cause The Smell)

Most of us use vacuum cleaners at home, office, and in other workplaces. And they really work well. They also clean the places that you can’t clean up with your hands. Apart from this, it saves our time as well. 

In short nowadays just for the sake of saving our important time and managing all these things in a short time, we use these kinds of technologies. However, it sometimes creates problems for us, and then it needs to be cleaned too. 

In short, we should take care of instruments as well so they will work properly. Otherwise, they will fall you problems. The same is here, Dyson vacuum cleaner is a very good and effective instrument that is used for the purpose of cleaning, though it needs maintenance on regular basis. 

Following are the major problem people are having with Dyson vacuum cleaners and one of them is Dyson vacuum cleaners smell like dog. So, your question is basically how to get rid of this smell and what are the reasons behind this? 

Now keep reading because we are going to go through both difficulties. 

How To Get Dog Smell Out Of Dyson vacuum?

 A Dyson can smell like a dog if it is not maintained properly as we mentioned before that every instrument should be observed correctly or closely. So that it will work well. 

You can easily rule out (prevent) this by emptying the Dyson eternally, keeping it clean, and providing it with new filters after some time or when it stops working consequently. 

You know a Dyson vacuum cleaner has a dirt container. When you vacuum a place, all the dirt or dust particles are stuck and gathered there same as in the dustbin.

For example, in a dustbin, you are continuously throwing rubbish. And you are not cleaning it after it is fully filled so the rubbish inside the dustbin spoils, and then it has a nasty smell or odor. 

The same is the case with the Dyson vacuum cleaners. 

When you use all the dust and rubbish things gathered inside the dirt container of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and after passing a few days and being inside there it spoils there and quickly starts smelling. 

It really smells like a dog but for this, it is not important that you might have vacuumed dog or dog hairs. It can smell like a dog even if you don’t have a pet at home. The simple is that it is because of keeping the rubbish inside the dirt container for a long time.

Now you can easily get rid of this problem by maintaining the vacuum cleaner. Here is the full process of how to do it.

Step 1. Clean The Vacuum

Quickly clean the dirt container after you have vacuumed the place. And if you are having some important work and now you don’t have time for this, you can also clean it after two or three days. 

But still, try not to leave the rubbish inside the dirt container of the vacuum for more than a week.

Step 2. Immediately Clean If You Vacuum Your Pet

If you are having a dog or any kind of pet at home and you always vacuum your pet using a Dyson vacuum cleaner. 

Then try to clean the dirt container just after you have done vacuuming your pet because it can start a bad smell very quickly. 

Step 3. Keep Vacuum To Sunlight

One thing we want to mention here is always put the dirt container of your Dyson vacuum cleaner in sunlight.

So the nasty smell or dog smell will be removed from it and the sun will also make it dry if it has sucked any liquid.

6 Reasons Why Does My Dyson Smell Like Dog?

There are many reasons why your Dyson vacuum cleaner smells like a dog. Some of them we mentioned in the above section and some causes are given below:

  • Poor maintenance as we discussed before in detail.
  • If you often vacuum your dog or any other per with your Dyson vacuum cleaner and then you don’t empty the dust container consistently, there can also be a dog smell when you start vacuuming. Because it’s the mechanism of the vacuum cleaner that first sucks the air and that air then passes through the dirt container. Where large particles, dust, dog hair, and some other things are left inside the container, and then again that sucked air comes out from the vacuum cleaner. So if it has dog dirt inside the container, then the air which passes through the dust container and comes out will definitely smell like a dog.
  • Dirt container that hasn’t been cleaned for several days can become the Dyson filter worse and damage their parts also.
  • Vacuuming damp and humid dirt including wet pet hairs etc.
  • Continuously using a Dyson vacuum cleaner but haven’t exposed or put it in sunlight yet can also be the cause of smelling bad.
  • If you have been using Dyson cleaner for a long time but haven’t changed its filters yet can also be the cause because you just need to change its filters on regular basis.

This is all about the causes and reasons why the Dyson vacuum cleaner is smelling like a dog. Well, I have a suggestion for you and that is always given time to all those instruments which you are using at your home so you will never face problems again. 

And by doing so you will be able to know about the instruments as well and you can easily find the damaged part so you can easily replace that damaged part on time.


Instruments like vacuums are great to assist in our lives. However, sometimes it becomes damaged just because of our small fault. Same like that, most people are facing the problem of dog smell with their Dyson vacuum. 

But how to get dog smell out of Dyson vacuum. For this, you just need to follow the above-mentioned steps as well as try your best to mind the reasons cause it smells like that.


Q1. What can I put in vacuum to smell better?

If you use a tablespoon of baking soda in your vacuum bag before you start cleaning. Because we mostly use it to get rid of bad smells from our refrigerators. So why not use it for your vacuum, it may work for it as well.

Q3. How do I get the dog smell out of my bagless vacuum cleaner?

If you use a bagless vacuum and it smells like a dog. The best way to make it smell good is to check its filter. After that, you should clean the dustbin and if possible then change its bag.