Best Shop VAC for Sawdust - DEWALT DWV010 8-Gallon - Dust Extractor Review

Best Shop VAC for Sawdust – DEWALT DWV010 8-Gallon – Dust Extractor Review

In a small woodshop, dust collection is one of the major issues. Shop-vac for sawdust is the primary necessity of every woodworking professional.

You don’t want to settle down because of wood dust all-around your garage or workspace. You can use a standard shop vac to vacuuming your workshop, but there are some of the shop vacs that do the job correctly. Some extra accessories can be used to collect all the sawdust before it gets all-around your work area. DEWALT DWV010 8-Gallon shop vac is a perfect and well-reputed vacuum for containing the sawdust.

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The best practice is that you connect the vacuum hose directly into the portable sawdust port. But in some cases, the shop vac dust collector adapter size and vacuum hose size differ from each other, and you cannot connect the hose. In this case, you can use a universal adapter or hose connector for the hose and your electric saw. 

We have listed the aspacts and features after review and testing the 8-gallon shop vac for sawdust.

Best Shop VAC for Sawdust – DEWALT DWV010 8-Gallon


This shop vac is portable, and heavy-duty wheels make it moveable around every corner of your job site. The weight of this machine is only 12 lbs making it perfectly portable. DEWALT DWV010 is a perfect shop vac sawdust collection system. The best thing is it comes fully assembled, and the dust extractor is included in the package.

The automatic HEPA filter cleaning feature of this dust extractor DEWALT DWV010 makes it the best shop vac for sawdust collection. The powerful motor of 15 Amp is perfect for dust collection. This shop vac has a fantastic suction airflow of 130 CFM. 

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Another fantastic feature is its tool activation ability. You can connect the hose to any tool, and the shop vac will start suction as the device is activated, and it will stop shortly after the instrument is deactivated.

The 15 feet long flexible hose with a universal connector makes it perfect for connecting to most of the electronic saws. The more extended utility nozzle is ideal for cleaning debris such as dirt, dust, and other particles from hard to reach areas. You can choose between a soft brush attachment or a hard rotating brush. The hard rotating brush will do a bigger job of cleaning your floor.

The auto filter cleaning capability of this shop vac is impressive. It helps the longer jobs done without any delay.

The 8-gallon capacity of DEWALT DWV010 gives you an uninterrupted cleaning experience without wasting any time to clean the filter again and again.

It’s durability, and portable design makes it the best shop vac for dust collection tool in your professional toys collection.

DEWALT DWV010 is not just a dust extractor; it is also a wet-dry small shop vac. The HEPA filters are also come assembled in a vacuum. The On/Off switch near the handle makes the machine fully controllable.

It can be used best with the table saw, and miter saw. The suction power is so good that it won’t leave any wood dust around your work area. Connect the vac hose to your sander or saw, and you would not see any dust escaping from this dust extractor. The HEPA standard filters will make sure the dust particles are not blown into the air.

The carpenters and woodworking professionals will be in love with this machine as it is the best shop vac for woodworking. It is cheaper than many other vacuums in this lineup, so it is a good value for your money as well. 

Dust Collector vs. Shop vac

Dust collectors and shop vacs differ from each other in many aspects. The primary factor is airflow or suction power. It depends on your needs for how often and how long you will be using your shop vac for sawdust or dust collection. If you intend to work for once, you can use your ordinary big shop vac for this purpose, but if you are a woodworking pro and have to use the shop vac now and then, the option is to get a separate shop vac for dust collection. In this case, the DeWalt shop vac is the best choice for you.

The best thing to check in any shop vac for dust collection is the excellent strong suction power of your shop vacuum. This is the most important feature for clean and protected vacuuming. The HEPA filter will keep the dirt away and filter the air for a safe working environment. 


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