Stanley 4 Gallon

Stanley 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Stanley 4 Gallon Wet Dry VacuumThis Stanley 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum has compact size along with stainless steel construction that offers adequate power and also comes with several useful attachments.

As the name, suggests this wet/dry vacuum has 4-gallon tank capacity which is an average for this kind of rolling product.

Comparing to other vacuums of the same line then the hose length of this one is a little short and a filter that you’ll have to clean after every cleaning.

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Stanley 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Review

Features and Performance:

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  • It has a 4-horse power motor that gives a robust performance on any kind of floor, but due to the smaller tank, you’ll get louder operation, as the tank is not enough to diffuse sound properly. During our test, we measured the sound and it is somewhat around 97dB at the maximum speed. Among all wet/dry vacuums that we’ve reviewed this one is the loudest.
  • Although the working is louder there is no compromise on the performance, if you still want to go with it than we recommend using ear protection.
  • We have tested the performance by putting six screws of different sizes and about 2 ounces of mulch—and this vacuum has picked all of them in a matter of seconds. Also, it sucks a gallon of water in less than 5 seconds, which means it’ll 20 seconds total in filling up the entire tank.
  • The total hose length is 5-feet which is pretty reliable for small-sized homes. The suction power is efficient enough to clean narrow corners and smaller debris scattered on the kitchen floor. However, if you own a larger house then we do not recommend this at all because it doesn’t give you a lot of room to maneuver around the house. Its shorter hose comes with three extension wands that you can use separately or combined to make the hose length a little longer. Click here, If you are interested in reading a detailed buyer guide on Best Shop Vac For Cars.
  • Overall, the tank is stylish and the construction is sturdy. It sits on 4 wheels that give easy mobility. Also, the easy to carry handle located on the top of the housing is sturdy and enable you to carry around the house easily. The design is lightweight and the motor is powerful but too loud. It can pick small debris but can’t pick the larger ones. However, the number of attachments is very impressive—we do appreciate it.


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  • High-performance motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great suction power



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  • Loud in operation


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[su_note note_color=”#e2f0fc”]No doubt, this Stanley 4 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum has a good suction power but its loud operation is not welcoming. It is a lightweight unit with a powerful motor, but one might face difficulties in dealing with big messes.[/su_note]


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