How to Clean Shop Vac Filter

How to Clean Shop Vac Filter Easily a Complete Guide

Shop vacuums are ideal for removing dirt, dust, and waste from any surface. However, they require a filter that you have to clean often because of the nature of their operation. However, if you do not know how to clean them, don’t worry. You may learn how to clean shop vac filters using the following ways.

Cleaning the vacuum filter is a requirement if you want your vacuum cleaner to work correctly. The vacuum would be loaded with germs and other unwanted items if you did not do so, which would damage not only your machine’s function but also raise the chance of destroying it permanently.

But how do you preserve the vacuum filter of your shop? Well, your answer to this query is this article. Here I will discuss all the information you need so that when you clean your vacuum yourself, you don’t experience any problems. However, before we start, let me know you have to complete this cleaning process.

So You Require Cleaning Your Shop Vac Filter?

Store Vac or Store Vacuum, all of them function just about the same thing: A motor sucks air through a filter.

It works best if the filter is clean. But if you are stuck and caked in cat hair and sawdust and junk, you could pull your dog around to attempt to clean up the mess at home.

The incredible thing is that while rather nasty, it is easy to clean the filter.

The Materials and Required Tools

  • Safety goggles
  • Rod or nail with ahead
  • Screwdriver
  • P100 respirator or N95 mask
  • Removable caps (DIY caps will be just as good)
  • Large container with a lid to collect dust
  • Air compressor
  • Hand-holed lid
  • Hose

To cleaning your vacuum filters, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. It requires only a few steps and may be finished in a few seconds. Do not stress out. Follow the following steps, and you may do the task in no time.

Follow These Steps for How to Clean Shop Vac Filter

Ensure that these methods do not require cleaning the filter with water and perform great for conventional cylindrical cartridge filters.

As these filters employ paper components, they can destroy them by washing them with water. Check with the maker if your favorite method is washable.

It also applies to HEPA filters of the same cylindrical form that varies on the manufacturer, so always check for washing or not in the handbook.

Remove the Power Cord

The very first step is to unhook the power cable of your shop vac. We don’t want to see you get into any mishaps (like electrocution) that may cause harm when cleaning this filter.

Ensure to disconnect the power cable before you do anything else.

Disassemble Your Shop-Vac for Filter Removal

Shop vacs are great since they’re not complex devices. You can disassemble them to reach the inner elements of the filter.

How to Clean Shop Vac Filter

If the procedure of dismantling your equipment is uncertain, see the shop vac handbook.

Ensure to be careful; you don’t want to break pieces that you can replace. Gently remove the filter and place it in a container giant sufficient.

Press the Filter on the Bottom of the Rubbish Can

You should always clean your filter outside. Especially if it has been without cleaning for a long time, a lot of dust might be produced that could settle on other things when you do so indoors. Put security glasses to prevent dirt and debris particles from entering your eyes. Wear a mask to guard against Staub clouds while you tap the filter in the container.

Cover the garbage cup with the hand-hollow plastic lid with the filter inside. Even if you perform this outside, you may not want debris particles to spread over the location. You want them for convenient disposal in one spot. The deck helps retain any undesirable materials inside the trash can, and a hole on the deck can keep the filter still in the vessel.

Press the filter on the sides and bottom of the channel until many particles fall out of their folds. Repeat this movement numerous times, round and round. Does this until most particles block the filter crannies and nooks.

The undesirable waste settles at the bottom of the can. Dump the particles and tap the garbage to eliminate any pollution that may attach to the sides.

Using an Air Compressor

Now attach an air compressor pad to remove minute dirt particles concealed in the nooks and crannies. Keep the rod head down and hold the other end to prevent the filter from dropping.

When you drive air into the filter, the rod allows it to rotate for an efficient cleaning procedure. Make sure you turn the filter gradually and not too quickly to unlock all sides. You may also use a blunt stick to get rid of tenacious dust particles.

This process also creates a lot of clouds of dust, so always keep covered.

Filter Reinstalls

When steps one through five satisfies you, replace the filter. Now you may anticipate your machine to operate better than before, especially if dirt was the primary reason for ineffectiveness.

Whenever cleaning the filter again, don’t delay months or years. Do it frequently, and your store vacation is grateful for effective performance.

As you could see, cleaning a shop vacuum isn’t tricky, and it doesn’t take much time. If you encounter problems following the instructions above, see this video and learn.

Types of Shop Vacuum Filter

Not everyone in shops uses the same cylindrical filter; therefore, this section is about washing the different varieties. Do not use a machine; realize that these filters will be hand washed. In addition, avoid the use of detergents – tap water will be enough for the work.

  • HEPA Filter: A flowing water HEPA filter may be washed, or a filter flosser used to clean it further. Make sure the filter is fully drained before it is reinstalled in the vacuum.
  • Foam sleeve: The filters were found in wet/dry vacuums, which filter out moist particles. Shake it up and down to dispose of dirt if it won’t work rinsing from the inside out for a few minutes. Overrunning water. Let the filter dry before it is attached to the vacuum. Attachment of a wet filter can lead to forming of mold or mildew.
  • Reusable dry filters: The most straightforward approach to eliminate trapped dirt is to wash it under running water. Make sure the filter is dry before it is connected to the vacuum.

FAQs: How to Clean Shop Vac Filter

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Shop Vac Filter?

Blow the filter off using low-pressure compressed air to remove additional debris. Please remember, if the pressure is too high, the filter might rip, so take it slowly. Dry filters may be cleaned with water, while water streams are cleaned with the same pressure warning.

Can You Use a Shop Vac Without a Filter?

They are solid and adaptable. It is good to have them for all sorts of aspirations. That being said, if you opt not to utilize a filter, you should only use your shop vac to clear water and wet waste. However, your vacuum will soon become blocked and may cease working.


A vacuum filter plays an essential part in the operation of your vacuum. If you want this item to achieve optimal performance, constantly make sure how to clean the shop vac filter. If the filter is clean, it functions best. But if you are trapped and caked in a cat’s hair, sawdust, and junk, it could pull your dog around to try to clear the problem at home.

The significant part is that while it’s awful, cleaning the filter is straightforward.






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