Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac Review: Inexpensive, attractive, and easy to use!

The Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac is a very quiet shop vac with a large 1-gallon dust capacity, making it ideal for cleaning up larger items. It also comes with a large 6-inch suction hose, making it easy to use. The unit has an extra-long power cord that allows you to clean up a large area without re-plugging the vacuum after each use. It also has an adjustable handle, allowing you to move the vacuum around easily.

Mastering all aspects of the small shop vac business, you can finally achieve all the cleaning benefits you’ve always wanted. With this benefit, you can sell more, get more money, and make more profits. The Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac is a powerful little vacuum that works great for small to mid-size spaces. It is a good vacuum to get your hands on, especially if you want to equip your home, office, or small stall with powerful vacuums.

MOOSOO Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum

Powerful But Quiet 2 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum, Portable Shop Vacuum Wet Dry and Air Blowing With Rechargeable Battery and Attachments For Home, Garage, Car

  • Portable Vacuum+Blower
  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • High-density HEPA Filtration

MOOSOO 4 in 1 Portable Shop Vacuum For Car Detailing

Moosoo Small Shop Vac is a 3-in-1 portable shop vac, a mini vacuum cleaner, floor sweeper & dustbag cleaner. It comes with a powerful suction head, picking up everything, even small details. It is super compact, you can take it anywhere you go with no hassles, just one charge, and you can use it multiple times. It’s unlike other conventional upright vacuums that need a lot of space to work properly.

It is the perfect machine for you to use to clean your home or shop. It comes with a powerful suction with the quietest motor available. The cordless design allows for easy transportation and cleaning up those messes. Safety features help to protect you and your family while using this product. It comes with bright LED lights, making the machine easy to see in dark places to get the job done right.

Below are some interesting features of this shop vac.

  • Wet Dry Two Use
  • Portable Vacuum+Blower
  • High-density HEPA Filtration
  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • 15-35mins Excellent Endurance
  • 7 L Large Capacity
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Compact Storage

Product Description in Brief

Voltage 18.5V
Charging time 4H
Current 23V 600mA
Dust cup volume 7L
Flow 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Hose length Normal 50CM stretched 2M
Hypa filtration grade H10
Noise ≤70dba
Number of batteries, capacity 5 sections, 2000mAh
Power 150W
Weight 3.5KG
Product size 370*190*310mm
Suction 5Kpa/10Kpa
Use time 15-35min

Moosoo small quiet shop vac review

The Moosoo 4 in 1 Portable Shop Vacuum is an attractive and inexpensive vacuum for use in various settings. It has four rotating nozzles, making it easy to clean hardwood floors, carpets, fabrics, or upholstery. At just 9 pounds and 22 inches long, the cleaner is small enough to be easily taken from room to room as needed.

At its lowest setting, the MOOSOO 4-in-1 can run at nearly inaudible noise and be used in various settings, including cars.

The MOOSOO cordless shop vac is a durable, attractive, and inexpensive option for commercial or home use. It’s easy to use and has the power of an industrial vacuum cleaner with the size of a hand-held model. The compact design makes it great for getting into tight spaces around your house.

The perfect cleaning for your small offices and small business.

This vacuum is a perfect size for your little office and is easy to use! When you’re done cleaning up around the house or at work, all you have to do is just plug it in to recharge!

It has the power of an industrial vacuum cleaner but is compact enough that you can take it with you.

Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a type of household appliance that uses forced air to remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particles from surfaces. An electric or battery-powered cleaner typically has an attached hose with a scrubber brush on end to collect the waste.

The noise level of vacuums can be measured in decibels according to how much sound they make when tested under laboratory conditions. Electric cleaners are often more expensive than their manual counterparts but may offer increased suction power, faster charging times, and longer battery life.

The Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac is an inexpensive, attractive, and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. It has a powerful suction power of 61 dBs which can easily pick up small particles like pet hair or dust from carpets.

This little vac comes with two attachments that are useful for cleaning your car’s interior and the outside surfaces of cars and houses – all without carrying heavy, bulky tools. With such pros at this price range, you definitely have to consider this vacuum cleaner purchase.

In addition, it’s important to note that these vacuums for quietness meet the 70dB or less noise level requirement. So if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner with low decibel levels and an attractive design, this is a great option for your home.

It has powerful suction, ensuring no clogs are formed from dust bunnies and other debris in between brushless rollers, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out its filter daily as some models require.

What are the pros and cons of this vac?

The pros and cons of this vac are pretty obvious.

MOOSOO Cordless Wet Dry Shop Vacuum Unboxing & Review

Below is our hands-on review to let you have a closer look and decide on your cleaning partner.

What is Moosoo brand?

With an ever-growing need for household appliances that are both high-performing and low-priced, Moosoo has become a company to keep your eye on. With their wide variety of products and competitive pricing, Moosoo is the only place you should have to go for household appliances.

MOOSOO was founded in 2017 and has quickly become a major player in the consumer electronics industry. With their cutting-edge products and innovative design, they have the power to satisfy even the most discerning client. MOOSOO takes pride in establishing relationships with its customers through domestic and international partnerships.

How long do Moosoo vacuums last?

A Moosoo vacuum can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years, depending on how often the machine is used. Talking about the battery life, The MOOSOO lasts up to 30 minutes per charge. It’s best suited for smaller jobs like picking up dry spills that can be completed within the MOOSOO’s limited runtime of 30 minutes.

Where are Moosoo products made?

Moosoo products are made in China with domestic parts. They are a Chinese company that’s rapidly establishing itself as a global market leader.

Who makes Moosoo brand?

China! Moosoo is a brand of inexpensive, attractive, and easy-to-use vacuum designed to clear messages and excess dust/debris from smaller spaces in the home.

Does Moosoo have a great warranty?

Moosoo is a good brand. It’s a good choice for a new business owner because it has a great warranty that covers most of its products. Moosoo also has a very fair return policy, which is great for new businesses. It’s important to ensure you get the best deal when working with a brand. Ensure you’re getting the best return policy from a brand and that you’re both on the same page about what you want.

Is Moosoo suitable for general household use?

Moosoo is for use in small to medium-sized households. It’s not for use in large homes. It’s for use in small to medium-sized households.

Moosoo is a new portable and compact shop vac with powerful suction and a powerful bag. It has a safe buoy technology, is user-friendly, and has a rechargeable battery that will last a long time.

How much does this vacuum cost?

Vacuums are expensive. The more you pay for a vacuum cleaner, the more it costs. However, it’s important to find the right vacuum for your need. You want to ensure that you get the best vacuum for your needs. If you’re looking at buying a vacuum, you need to make sure that it will be the right one for your particular needs.

How to use the Moosoo shop vac

The Moosoo shop vac is an easy-to-use and high-quality cleaner that will get the best results from your products. It has a dual-speed motor, and it’s dishwasher safe.

It’s important to read the manual before using a shop vac because it’s important to understand your vacuum cleaner’s specific use. You’re going to be using a shop vac for dusting, vacuuming, and spot cleaning, so it’s important that you understand how to use it properly. Make sure you read the manual carefully to understand how the machine works and what it’s for.

Don’t skimp on the small, quiet handheld vacuums. If you’re looking to take up vacuuming, consider getting one of these.

What are the advantages of this vacuum?

What are the disadvantages of the Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac?

Customer Reviews

  • Pros:It is lightweight enough for my children to use easily.It charges very quickly.Easy to clean out the debris cup.Will vacuum my very messy vanCons:I truthfully did not have any cons! I will come back and update the post on battery life once I have used the vacuum for a few months. ( Written by Lori Myers)
  • I just received the product today. This is the second handheld vacuum I have purchased. This one has great suction and will be perfect for carpet in my car and around the house. Not sure about battery or clean up but should not be an issue. I would totally recommend (Written by Jules)
  • Finally bought a handheld vacuum that actually has strong suction power. This is light and easy to use. I normally use it to clean my room and my car. Very efficient and good for cleaning small spaces. It comes with hoses to reach the hard to reach areas. The battery life is good, it lasts me long without charging it and easy to follow instructions on cleaning it. (Written by Alexa)
  • Wow what an awesome product!it suctions so good on any food,fluids, dusty one and etc. It comes with free nozzles and u can put any of those. Easy to do chores. Great item. (Written by beebeko2016)


The Moosoo Small Quiet Shop Vac is an inexpensive, portable handheld vacuum that gets rid of dust and dirt on bare floors and carpets.

This is the ultimate small shop vac that cleans, vacuums, and sucks simultaneously. The small vac has a powerful suction power, which makes it perfect for spaces where larger shop vacs can be cumbersome.






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